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Past Retreats

International Retreats – In 2016, I took a leap of faith and hosted my first yoga retreat and have not stopped since. When I say, Women Empowerment Retreat, I mean holding space for one another in a circle so that we can be real and show up authentically and speak our truth. I invite women to emphasize the feminine qualities of compassion, creativity, and collaboration, and guide you gently yet with intention to your heart center, so that you can remember what it feels like to listen to the inner wisdom and connect to your intuition but also to allow yourself to soften safely and experience deep healing.

How do I do that? By helping you get out of your mind (the Ego mind, that tends to overthink, judge, expect, and worry for no reason) and into your body. Daily yoga reminds you to move joyfully and fully present, so that when we go on tours, you are ready to step out of your comfort zone to experience fabulous adventures that make you feel alive, supported, capable, and open up the flood gates for major transformative breakthroughs.

Pictured above: Energy Healing, Yoga, and Hiking Retreat in Sedona, AZ

Women Empowerment Retreat in Belize

Ideas of Happiness – Yoga and Ancient Philosophy Retreat in Sicily, Italy

Blue Moon Transformational Health and Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Corporate Retreats – I am deeply honored to have been invited
by team leaders and CEOs to lead their annual corporate wellness retreats or give presentations at their meetings, especially when a team or a company is going through personnel changes, planning a new project, or aiming at protecting their investments and at improving employee retention. I bring my toolbox of brain-based wellness, motivation mindset and communicate with clarity coaching, and yoga, and share in hands-on activities how tools such as BrainTap brainwave modulations and BrainMD supplements can help with improved focus, memory, sleep, stress reset, and allover balance and happiness in work and private life.

Working with a group of dedicated and driven people is fun, productive, and good for the soul – all at the same time. For the group pictured, I also offer monthly team yoga and am available for individual consultations on stress management, nutrition, and life coaching.

Pictured above: Uniti Fiber annual leadership retreat, Lake Martin, Alabama

Private Retreats – I had the incredible pleasure to have been invited to design customized yoga and health coaching programs for groups of women who decided to gather their besties and enjoy extended weekends together. Of course, customized private retreats come with a delicious meal plan and chef service.

If you have a group of friends or family members and think that this is a fabulous idea, let’s talk and make a meaningful and fun get-away happen for your group!

Pictured above left: Labor Day Women Empowerment, Yoga, and Energy Healing Retreat in Lake Lure, NC

Picture above center: Lakehouse Yoga and Brain-based Wellness Retreat in Cincinnati, OH

Picture above right: Yoga and Energy Healing, Soul Spa Sunday in Atlanta, GA

Pictured above, second row, from left to right: (1) Special Classes on Herbs and How to Prepare Tea, Lotions, and Face Masks; (2) Reiki Level II Training; and (3) Fermentation – How to Make Kombucha