Private Lakehouse Retreat in Ohio

This group of friends invited me to spend Labor Day weekend with them in Ohio and offer my women empowerment program. They brought fabulous, joyful, warm-hearted, and open-minded energy to the retreat.

My amazing co-host, Michelle, opened her lakehouse to us, providing a welcoming ambiance for all. Thank you so much for your generosity and loving attention to detail!

We shared invigorating morning yoga classes, hikes and sunset boat tours, Reiki, BrainTap, wonderful vegetarian meals, and Yoga Nidra. And we learned about brain health and hormonal balancing through nutrients, sleep, and stress-management. And, the best part, we had the hardest belly laughs – so uplifting and making lasting memories indeed!

Bringing big smiles to faces is the reason why I keep offering retreats. Seeing everyone leave replenished, is time well spent.

If you are interested in a private retreat, fill out my contact form, and let’s start co-creating a customized program for your group!