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6-days/5-nights Yoga and Energy Healing Retreat
starting at $1,950/person
Do you feel like there are simply too many tabs open in your life, or the to-do list just never seems to end? Do you have this inner knowing that you are called to more but somehow you feel blocked or your health is not optimal or something else seems to get in the way of living your full potential? 
This retreat takes you to the southern part of Belize away from the large tourists attractions. Our lodge sits on 12.000 acres of wildlife refuge with unobstructed views over lush jungle. Everything is sustainably managed complete with zero waste culture, sustainable water management, organic spa treatments, and farm-to-table restaurant. 
We will begin our days with a guided yoga practice, continue with fresh breakfast, followed by guided tours to visit a Mayan village and Mayan temple ruins hidden in the jungle, swim in pristine blue creek waters and explore a cave. We will celebrate cacao ceremony, receive energy healing and holistic health coaching, and finish our days with guided mediation and Yoga Nidra. This retreat is your invitation to unplug, to go on a journey within. 
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  Private yoga, 60 minutes: 

    Reiki, 60 minutes: 

Healing Immersion, 60 min Yoga & 30 min Reiki: 

    Coaching, 60 minutes: 

You can reserve a session for yourself, a loved one, or donate a coaching session to a person in need.
Throughout the year, I set 10% of my revenue aside to have funds available for those who struggle with severe depression, grief, suicidal thoughts, and trauma but don’t have the money to pay for private coaching. Join me in sharing support by sponsoring a coaching session for someone in need!

Private yoga, Reiki, and coaching sessions available upon appointment.