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Energy Healing, Yoga, and Hiking Retreat in Sedona, AZ

March 18 - 23, 2022

Sometimes we get stuck in our daily to-do list, thoughts of worry or doubt, painful memories, and negative self-talk. That can lead to tension building up in the physical, mental and emotional bodies, and to us losing sight of who we are. At this retreat, I will teach you, how to clear trauma and blockages from the vital energy body, and you will experience for yourself the powerful healing effects on your mental, emotional, and physical body.

Come with me to Sedona, Arizona.

Being there, experiencing, and breathing the vastness and the sacred healing energy of the land - you can't help but open up, and allow yourself to feel spacious and connected again. You will learn how to release blockages from your chakras and how to work with your chakra system's energy currents of Liberation, Manifestation, and Connection.

We will be staying at this supercool and very large dome house:

You will have a chance to:

  • eat a cleansing, plant-based diet
  • move in nature daily
  • receive guidance and tools on how to heal emotional wounds, release limiting beliefs, and realign with your soul-purpose
  • learn how to work with the chakras, how to clear and direct the various chakra energy currents to foster spiritual growth, manifest your vision, and affirm a sense of belonging
  • use BrainTap for meditation and brainwave modulation.

We will use the BrainTap HRV (Heart Rate Variability) system to measure your before and after state of wellbeing.

The program is a mix of daily guided yoga and meditation sessions, hiking, sound healing and Reiki, breathwork, group coaching, healthy eating and more. Some of the meditations and energy healing work will take place on the trails while immersed in the strong energy vortices. (*Notice the trees pictured below, and how they are grown in a spiral shape.)

Here is a short video for you from my last visit there:

Heart Chakra Meditation - YouTube

It is my intention to hold space for you, so that you feel supported along your journey.

Depart with a renewed sense of purpose and empowered to act on it.

Ready to sign up? Pay a deposit of $500.00 to reserve your spot, and the remaining balance by February 1, 2022.

Single-occupancy room: $2,195

  • Reserve your spot here by paying a deposit of $500

Double-occupancy room: $1,695

  • Reserve your spot here by paying a deposit of $500

The fee includes:

  • accommodation for 5 nights
  • all meals during the retreat
  • daily guided yoga and meditation sessions
  • chakra clearing and energy current activation
  • group coaching activities
  • energy and sound healing
  • hiking
  • ground transportation