Besides loving yoga, I really love traveling and teaching about a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, I'm thrilled to announce two international retreats to choose from for the year 2019!

Make time to escape your daily list of chores, go visit new places, get to meet new people, learn about foreign cultures, and most of all, really dedicate time to a committed yoga practice.

If you are anyhow like me, you may see a photo of a beautiful place and shout out, "I wanna go!", right? However, the retreats listed will be distinctively different from each other. Therefore, please do not just book by the pretty destination but listen within and see which theme resonates with you the most. On purpose, I'm announcing all three trips extra early - to give you enough time to prepare for travel, put the days off on your calendar, book a good flight, get a passport etc.

Women Empowerment Retreat in Belize in September!

This is the perfect retreat if you are ready to take it a step deeper, combining Yoga Energy Practice, Nature Immersion, and Spiritual Life Coaching. We will stay at a luxury jungle-eco lodge, practice yoga and meditation daily as a group, hold a Mayan chocolate ceremony and visit Mayan temple ruins. The special sauce comes in form of daily one-of-one energy work and coaching sessions to allow you to heal on a deep level, reconnect to your soul's purpose and come home with the confidence and inner alignment to realize your full potential. This retreat is planned as a small-group setting - so if your inner voice says yes, book soon to reserve your spot.

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Remembering Bliss, Yoga For Joy Retreat in Thailand in November!

This retreat is right for you if you really enjoy meeting new people, practicing yoga in both a sincere yet playful way. We will be staying on the island of Koh Samui at a large, dedicated yoga shala. There will be other yogis practicing simultaneously - for you an opportunity to catch a couple of different classes. The venue offers amazing, plant-based, Thai food, spa services, a beach with access to snorkeling and Stand-up Paddleboarding, and trips to Thai temples and an elephant sanctuary.

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