Rebalance. Rejuvenate. Re-Energize.

November 10 to 13, 2021 / Yoga Retreat over Veterans Day Weekend in Destin, Florida

After the summer crowds have left, and before the days get cooler, is a wonderful time to visit Destin in Florida. Salty air, white-sand beaches, and wide open views over the Sea invite you to a short yet meaningful yoga retreat.

*** crisp morning vinyasa, wave-assisted meditations, guided breathwork in salty air, and sunset crystal bowl sound healing baths ***

What is included?

  • accommodation for 3 nights in a private bedroom
  • extra-late checkout on November 13, if desired
  • all meals during the stay
  • daily yoga and guided meditation sessions
  • one-on-one reiki
  • group coaching
  • sound healing meditation on the beach
  • BrainTap headsets and BrainTap HRV
  • breathwork
  • bonfire ceremony
  • heated outdoor pool and spa
  • transportation from/to the airport
  • bicycles

What is not included?

  • roundtrip from your home town to Destin
  • additional spa services (massages, facials, etc.)
  • activities not listed in the itinerary (kayaking, surfing, dolphin cruises, shopping)

Secure your spot today!

Single-occupancy bedroom: $947 Early bird price $847

Reserve your spot here by paying a deposit of $250

Intro to Pranayama

October 2, 2021 from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM at Synergy Yoga & Pilates, Mobile, AL

For all YA-registered yoga teachers: earn five CE contact hours!

In this workshop you will learn about the anatomy of the yogic energy body, and invigorating as well as calming breathing techniques. We will practice three-part breath (dirga pranayama) with mula, uddiyana, and jalandhara bandhas and mudras. We will practice kapalabhati and bhastrika pranayama with asanas, and bhramari and nadi shodhana pranayama with guided meditation. Snacks provided.

Register here: Early bird $55 Regular price $65

Early bird price expires 9/20/2021 / Feel free to Venmo @Manja-Podratz or call 251.234-4771 to pay via cc, check, zelle, etc.

Past Retreats

Inner Space Meets the Open Sky - Yoga and Detox Retreat in Destin, Florida, 2018

Blue Moon Transformational Yoga and Healing Retreat in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, 2018

Ideas of Happiness, Sicily, Italy, 2019

Women Empowerment Retreat in Belize, 2019

Women Empowerment Retreat in Belize, 2021

Inner Circle Energy Healing and Yoga Retreat in Lake Lure, NC 2021

Energy Healing, Yoga, and Hiking Retreat in Sedona, AZ

March 18 - 23, 2022

Sometimes we get stuck in our daily to-do list, thoughts of worry or doubt, painful memories, and negative self-talk. That can lead to tension building up in the physical, mental and emotional bodies, and to us losing sight of who we are. At this retreat, I will teach you, how to clear trauma and blockages from the vital energy body, and you will experience for yourself the powerful healing effects on your mental, emotional, and physical body.

Come with me to Sedona, Arizona.

Being there, experiencing, and breathing the vastness and the sacred healing energy of the land - you can't help but open up, and allow yourself to feel spacious and connected again. You will learn how to release blockages from your chakras and how to work with your chakra system's energy currents of Liberation, Manifestation, and Connection.

We will be staying at this supercool and very large dome house:

You will have a chance to:

  • eat a cleansing, plant-based diet
  • move in nature daily
  • receive guidance and tools on how to heal emotional wounds, release limiting beliefs, and realign with your soul-purpose
  • learn how to work with the chakras, how to clear and direct the various chakra energy currents to foster spiritual growth, manifest your vision, and affirm a sense of belonging
  • use BrainTap for meditation and brainwave modulation.

We will use the BrainTap HRV (Heart Rate Variability) system to measure your before and after state of wellbeing.

The program is a mix of daily guided yoga and meditation sessions, hiking, sound healing and Reiki, breathwork, group coaching, healthy eating and more. Some of the meditations and energy healing work will take place on the trails while immersed in the strong energy vortices. (*Notice the trees pictured below, and how they are grown in a spiral shape.)

Here is a short video for you from my last visit there:

Heart Chakra Meditation - YouTube

It is my intention to hold space for you, so that you feel supported along your journey.

Depart with a renewed sense of purpose and empowered to act on it.

Ready to sign up? Pay a deposit of $500.00 to reserve your spot, and the remaining balance by February 1, 2022.

Single-occupancy room: $2,195

  • Reserve your spot here by paying a deposit of $500

Double-occupancy room: $1,695

  • Reserve your spot here by paying a deposit of $500

The fee includes:

  • accommodation for 5 nights
  • all meals during the retreat
  • daily guided yoga and meditation sessions
  • chakra clearing and energy current activation
  • group coaching activities
  • energy and sound healing
  • hiking
  • ground transportation

Energy Healing Retreat over Labor Day Weekend

SOLD OUT!!! - Keep an eye out for the next trip!

Energy Healing Retreat in Lake Lure, North Carolina - September 3 thru 6, 2021

We enjoyed a wonderful small-group retreat in this beautiful setting over Labor Day weekend with guided gentle yoga, meditation, hiking, healthy, delicious meals, group coaching sessions, and one-on-one holistic health and energy healing sessions.

If you long for a personal timeout from life’s daily demands, support on your healing journey, joyful time with likeminded women, and spiritual guidance, come along for the next trip.




We will enjoy fresh pressed, raw juices and practice gentle yoga, breathwork, and journaling every morning.

As a bonus, HRV BrainTap sessions are offered. Experience the powerful effect of BrainTap brainwave entrainment on your physical body and psychoemotional state.

Enjoy group coaching, delicious meals made from scratch, one-on-one energy healing sessions, guided evening meditation, and a bonfire cacao ceremony together.


Our venue offers free use of kayaks, a bonfire place, and a hot tub. The retreat fee includes a guided hike to Hickory Nut Falls (and a hike up Chimney Rock for those who enjoy more challenging hikes). Spa services are available for an additional fee (can be scheduled as in-house treatments or as a visit to a nearby spa).

Ready to sign up?

Single-occupancy room $950.00

SOLD OUT!!! - Keep an eye out for the next trip!

Double-occupancy room $800.00

SOLD OUT!!! - Keep an eye out for the next trip!

The retreat fee includes:

  • accommodation for 3 nights
  • all meals during the retreat
  • all group yoga, meditation, and coaching sessions
  • one-on-one energy healing session
  • guided hike
  • cacao ceremony

Meditation Apps

There are dozens of meditation apps available – both free of charge and for a fee/subscription. I have tried some out and want to share what I found:


Calm offers support with relaxation via guided meditations, with disrupted sleep patters via sleep stories, coaching for focus, relationships, anxiety, and more. Once you download the app on your phone, you can try it out for free for 7 days. If you like it, you can purchase a subscription to access the full library. It is an advantage that everything is on your phone and you don’t need internet access to use the app.

I personally liked some of their guided visualizations but didn't like the sleep stories at all.


Muse is the technology I'm currently using. I love it! Muse is more than just an app. Muse is a wearable headband that uses electroencephalography—or EEG—to detect electrical activity in your brain. The goal of Muse is to make you aware of your brain’s activity and to train your brain via audio and visual cues such as the sound of waves or chirping birds.

The Muse headband has seven EEG sensors that are grouped into five points—three on the front of your forehead and one behind each ear. So one needs to purchase the headband-device and download the app. The headband transfers the data via Bluetooth to the phone.

Through the app, you can assess your progress in remaining calm. The device also records when you move, fidget, or open your eyes. Reviewers of Muse have noted that it’s useful for beginners or those inexperienced with meditation and mindfulness. The app is very detailed, it pairs with any iPhone or Android, and charges quickly. It lets you track your progress in how long you can maintain to stay very calm – it works basically like Biofeedback - with simple cues that train your mind to maintain a certain state of calm.

When working with my private clients, I'm connecting the headband to additional measuring apps, and it allows to track not just a basic EEG but monitors each brainwave, the heart rate, and the breathing rate. This allows me to combine guided meditation with heart variability training, breathwork, hypnotic trances, and mindfulness exercises. One of my small research projects is to offer Reiki (a Japanese form of energy healing and guided meditation) to clients with acute or chronic inflammation in the body and using an Infrared-camera to measure how well we were able to bring the inflammation down.

Muse is the right approach for all who long to support brain health, who do want to feel calmer and cope with stress and anxiety but at the same time like a scientific kind of approach.

Btw: Muse and Calm cost almost the same – and with that in mind, I think that Muse offers the better value.

Inner Balance Trainer

So here is one version of HRV training: The inner balance technology works by analyzing your heart rate and understanding the emotional condition of your mind. It trains you to generate a highly efficient physiological state called the HRV coherence (HRV = Heart Rate Variability). This helps you clearing your mind and increasing your emotional composure. This one also requires the purchase of an additional device plus the app.


You can either download this app on your smartphone or signup online and start meditating today. The guided meditations have been developed by former Monk Andy Puddicombe and many like them for reducing stress and anxiety, or simply erasing feelings of restlessness.


Omvana is part of a comprehensive platform for online learning and connecting with a global spiritual network of students and thought leaders, called Mindvalley. Their recorded meditations are great, many are done by well-known thought leaders and authors of spiritual guidance and self-help books. A disadvantage is that you do need the internet – no offline use. Some of Mindvalley’s online courses are great – I personally love Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Carolyne Myss. This is especially true when you don’t have a lot of time to read all these books. Some of their ideas are inspirational … and after reading hundreds of pages for work, it may be nice to simply listen to someone else reading to you. However, some of Mindvalley’s online classes promise deep insights but deliver beginner level … this is a good community to connect with when you are interested in networking, personal growth, spirituality, self-realization, and everything down those lines.


This meditation app is insofar unique that it does not ask for any of your extra time in the already busy days. Like other meditation apps, you do not have to separate your meditation time from your work time. Because you can use this app anytime you want and at any pace that you are in (meditate on the go).

You also do not have to pay any subscription fee to use this app. It charges you a one-time, very affordable fee. 

You can download this app on your iOS or Android device as it is available for both OS.

The Mindfulness App

Last but not least one more very affordable option. The guided meditations are well done, mindfulness-based, and the app offers easy access and reminder functions from anywhere.

What if plugging in my earphones and listening to some guided meditation is all fine but sometimes I feel like putting all technology to the side? 

Then may be the time for you to simply find a quiet spot to sit down, bring your awareness to your breath, focus on the light of a candle, the sound of a gong, a positive affirmation, or whatever suits you best - and be still. 

Prayer is when we talk to God. Meditation is when we listen to God.

Clean Eating Challenge

Did you know that about 70% of the average modern-day American diet are empty calories and that such a diet sets you up for weight gain while being malnourished? Did you know that with a non-organic diet, you eat 3 to 5 pounds of chemical food-additives each year? 

Clean eating is not a diet. It's not about losing weight at every price and it's not about going hungry.

Clean eating is about

  • restoring the gut flora - thus reversing symptoms of IBS and boosting the immune system,
  • replenishing nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements - thus keeping the endocrine system, bones, teeth, and muscle tissues healthy,
  • rebalancing the nervous system - thus supporting long-term brain health and good memory, eliminating brain fog, ensuring restful sleep, and improving mood,
  • resetting the hormones - thus ensuring proper thyroid metabolism, blood sugar control, stronger muscles, neurotransmitter balance in the brain, and optimal weight, 
  • restoring long-term health by reversing early symptoms of dis-ease and reducing inflammatory processes in the body. 

This 10-day program offers you:

  1. a meal plan with precise instruction and timing and protein-carb-balance
  2. easy yet tasty recipes
  3. list of local restaurants that offer healthy options
  4. action steps on how to change habits/overcome cravings and more
  5. daily email support: motivation and education
  6. learn how and which amino acids can support weight loss, brain health, strength building, and much more
  7. learn how enzymes can support proper digestion, reverse IBS symptoms, reduce allergies, boost immune strength
  8. learn how intermittent fasting can reset your digestive fire (appropriate hydrochloric acid production for complete digestion)
  9. why eating organic is imperative
  10. how to stay youthful longer: take control of your blood sugar, cholesterol, hormonal balance (yes, this is important for men too)
  11. learn why gut health and liver cleansing are so important and which foods and supplements are good and which ones are a waste of money
  12. yogic/ayurvedic teaching about healthy eating
  13. yoga poses that support digestion, blood pressure, detox, stress management, mindfulness.

10-Day-Clean-Eating-Challenge, $397.00/person $100.00/person

Obviously, it would be fabulous to get your spouses on board and do this together! 

10-Day-Clean-Eating-Challenge, $697.00/couple $175.00/couple

*** couple's discount ***

Heck YES, this program is actually providing specific information for men and women with regard to metabolism, endocrine balance, and nutrients.

I partner with Dr. Alan Hopkins for blood/lab work and with Dr. Daniel Amen/Amen Clinics for brain health assessments. If you are interested in a more comprehensive consultation, let me know, and I'd be glad to talk to you in more detail.

Women Empowerment Retreat in Belize

Women Empowerment Retreat in Belize - May  31st thru June 5th, 2021

Are you thinking about going on retreat, and trying to find the right one for you? Get a glimpse of this beautiful place and the program I offer here (the photos below were taken during a retreat in 2019).

Are you ready to register? Pay a deposit of $500 to reserve your spot here!

THE VENUE - Copal Tree Lodge - a little piece of heaven

The lodge is located in the middle of a 12,000 acres wildlife refuge right on the banks of river Rio Grande. The terrain is quite steep but there are both steps and an elevator tram. During our last retreat, we had two ladies with prior knee-surgery participating and they had no problems getting around. Everything is tastefully furnished, in harmony with nature, sustainably built and managed.

Amenities: yoga palapa, pool, spa, boat deck, fire pit, restaurant, hiking trails, jungle gym, kayaks and canoes, bicycles.

THE ROOMS - at this lodge various categories are offered. 

For my retreats, I reserve the Jungle Suite Cabanas - charming and spacious cabins with private bathrooms (single-/double-occupancy). As much as I love to travel with a group, I respect that there are times when we need our privacy. These rooms offer just that - your own space. The rooms are exceptionally clean, the views extend the space into the jungle for those who like to communicate with trees and listen to the vast diversity of birds. If you prefer any other category, just let me know. 

THE FOOD - organically grown, always fresh, seasonal farm-to-table meals

Come and experience for yourself what difference a week of clean eating can make for your health.

YOGA - complete guided practice every morning, guided meditation or Yin Yoga every night - for all who love yoga

In addition to the daily morning and evening practices, there will yoga posture clinics, chanting sessions, pranayama sessions, and one-on-one sessions offered.

THE FARM - this has been a farm for generations - honoring the soil, loving nature and growing food in harmony with its cosmic cycles. 

For those interested, tours of the on-site spice farm and chocolate factory are offered.

GETTING THERE - let the adventure begin

Book your international flight to Philip Golson International Airport in Belize City. I will update any regulations regarding COVID-19 and travel as we get closer to May 2021. As of now, Belize is open for travelers from the U.S.. Negative COVID-19 tests are required for all entering the country. Passports must be valid for a minimum of 6 months.

One-On-One Coaching/Energy Healing - this is my purpose - to meet you, yes you, where you are and hold space for your healing because I believe that you were created to live life to your fullest potential

As a board certified holistic health practitioner, I offer one-on-one health coaching starting with a thorough intake session, and customized energy healing sessions including Reiki, homeopathy, and acupuncture accompanied with hypnotic trances.

TOURS - Mayan Ruins

TOURS - Blue Creek

"This feels so free." - Annabel; Best compliment ever!

I can't express with words how grateful I am for being able to do this kind of work, for the trust the women who choose to travel with me were and are giving me, the riches of nature, the friendliness of the locals, the guidance to do it and lead retreats. Namaste!

Are you ready to register? Pay a deposit of $500 to reserve your spot here!

Über Manja

"Ich liebe Yoga, Natur, und andere Menschen mehr zu einem gesunden Lebensstil zu ermutigen. Deshalb biete ich regelmaessig Workshops und Retreats an."

Manja Herlt Podratz, Ph.D., unterrichtet Vinyasa, Ashtanga, und Yin Yoga.

header1Als sechsjaehriges Maedchen hat sie von ihrem Vater die ersten Hatha Yoga Uebungen gelernt. Er war es auch, der ihr Entspannungstechniken wie autogenes Training beibrachte.  Von 1998 bis 2006 praktizierte Manja Kundalini und Schwangerschaftsyoga in Berlin verschiedenen Lehrern, und Hatha und Kundalini Yoga in der Tradition nach Swami Sivananda with Yoga Vidya in Deutschland. Im Jahr 2008 ist Manja in die Vereinigten Staaten umgezogen und absolvierte ihre 200-Stunden Ausbildung zur Yogalehrerin in 2014/15 mit Tracey Narayani Glover von Shanti Warrior Living Yoga School in Mobile, Alabama.


mybookManja erhielt ihr Diplom in Kulturarbeit und Kunstmanagement von der Fachhochschule Potsdam, und einen Doktortitel in Architekturtheorie von der Brandenburgischen Technischen Universitaet (BTU) Cottbus. Sie lehrte fuer 11 Jahre an verschiedenen Hochschulen in Deutschland, Italien, und in den USA und publizierte mehrere akademische Buecher und Artikel auf Englisch und Deutsch waehrend dieser Zeit.

mybook1Im Jahr 1999 erhielt Manja die Diagnose Unterleibskrebs, eine schockierende Diagnose, welche dazu fuehrte, dass sie ihre Ernaehrungs- und Lebensweise komplett umgestellte. Fuer zwei Jahre folgte sie einer Rohkost-Heilnahrung und seitdem ist sie Veganerin. Heute ist sie Mutter von drei wunderbaren Kindern, die alle natuerlich zu Hause geboren wurden. Manja ist die Autorin von "Das Leben kennt den Weg" - ein Ratgeberbuch zu natuerlicher Schwangerschaft und Geburt sowie veganer Ernaehrung.

Im Jahr 2001 verursachte ein Sportunfall die Fraktur von drei Rueckenwirbeln. Nach langen Monaten der Heilung, ohne Operation, kam Manja zurueck zu einer intensiveren Yoga Praxis.

Heute arbeitet Manja als Yogalehrerin, als Brain Health Coach (zertifiziert durch Amen Clinics/Dr. Daniel Amen), zertifizierter Life Coach, zertifizierter Hypnotherapeut, und Reiki Meister. Manja hilft ihren Klienten, Trauma, Angstzustaende, Depressionen, Suechte und ADHS zu heilen auf koerperlicher, geistiger und emotionaler Ebene. Manja arbeitet zweisprachig auf Deutsch und Englisch, und ist ausgebildet und zertifiziert als Uebersetzerin. Regelmaessig arbeitet sie medizinische und juristische Dolmetscherin.

Manjas Lebensmotto ist:

"Wenn Dir viel gegeben wurde, ist es Deine Verantwortung viel zurueckzugeben zu Dir selbst, Deiner Familie und Deiner Gemeinde, zum besten Wohle aller."

Cancellation and Refund Policy for Retreats

PLEASE READ THE CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY IN ITS ENTIRETY BEFORE BOOKING. Do not hesitate to contact me ( should you have any questions.


In order to reserve your spot for this retreat, you may either pay in full or pay a deposit and then pay the remainder before or by August 15, 2018. Upon receipt of your payment, I will send you a confirmation of your deposit/payment.


Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness. If you cancel your participation in a retreat for any reason, the cancellation policy below will apply, with no exceptions. I wish I could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc), but I have costs already going into play when reserving retreat centers. I have designed the cancellation policy to be as compassionate as possible in the case that your plans change. But to protect yourself further, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance.


  • If you cancel more than 75 days before your retreat start date, 100% of your payment may be applied to another Retreat.
  • If you cancel 50 – 75 days before your retreat start date, 75% of your payment may be applied to another Retreat. You will forfeit 25% of the price of your retreat.
  • If you cancel 15 – 49 days before your retreat start date, 50% of your payment may be applied to another Retreat. You will forfeit 50% of the price of your retreat.
  • If you cancel 14 days or less before your retreat start date, you will forfeit your entire payment.


You may TRANSFER your reservation to another person subject to the procedures in this paragraph. Such transfer must be made no later than September 10th, 2018. In order to make the transfer, the owner of the reservation must contact me and provide contact information for the person who receives the transfer. The transfer between transferor and recipient may be as a gift or as a sale between the two parties, which will be considered completely independent of Manja Podratz and Yoga With Manja. Transfers made without communicating it to me will not be manifested to the final attendee list and there will be no refund of the ticket price. To cancel, you must send an email stating that you wish to cancel to:


I have never had to cancel a retreat, however, if I do cancel a trip due to personal circumstances such as illness or death in the family, I will refund to you all deposits and payments you have paid. I cannot however compensate you for airfare or travel costs incurred. In the unlikely event that I must cancel a retreat due to weather, natural disaster or political upheaval, I cannot guarantee a refund – it will be depending on receiving a refund from the venue / tour operator I work with.


To join the retreat you must have travel insurance. The best way to protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstance is to purchase trip insurance. Travel Insurance can protect you in case:

•  you cancel your participation in the retreat
• retreat is cancelled due to weather, natural disaster, or not enough participants to run the trip
•  lost baggage
• medical expenses and the cost of repatriation should you become ill or injured