Intro to Pranayama

October 2, 2021 from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM at Synergy Yoga & Pilates, Mobile, AL

For all YA-registered yoga teachers: earn five CE contact hours!

In this workshop you will learn about the anatomy of the yogic energy body, and invigorating as well as calming breathing techniques. We will practice three-part breath (dirga pranayama) with mula, uddiyana, and jalandhara bandhas and mudras. We will practice kapalabhati and bhastrika pranayama with asanas, and bhramari and nadi shodhana pranayama with guided meditation. Snacks provided.

Register here: Early bird $55 Regular price $65

Early bird price expires 9/20/2021 / Feel free to Venmo @Manja-Podratz or call 251.234-4771 to pay via cc, check, zelle, etc.

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