Giving thanks, feeling grateful - what does that mean and why is it important for your yoga practice? Embracing gratitude can be one of the many starting points for a spiritual practice. Counting your blessings is an act of being present. Be thankful right here and now. Instead of chasing your future, and focussing on still to be accomplished goals, use expressing thanks to bring your awareness to the present moment.  Sometimes it is necessary to consciously acknowledge that there are things in our lives that we can be thankful for. By givings thanks you fully receive your blessings. By taking things for granted and not appreciating them, you don't fully receive them. They kinda hover somewhere in unconscious areas of your mind. This way it can happen that you have everything that you need to be happy right in front of you without even noticing it. By staying in an unconscious mode you miss out. It is not just about being polite and say "thank you" to another person that did you a favor or brought you a present. It is about fully acknowledging and thus appreciating how rich our lives are. This way we allow joy and love and happiness to fill us. So, by starting with being thankful, you instantly gain joy, and the feeling of being loved, and the ability to love back, and the encouragement that life is good. This way, by humbly embracing all positive experiences, people, and things in the present moment, you connect mind and heart, and gain access to the abundance of life. Pass it on!


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