Current Class Schedule


    Private yoga, 60 minutes: 

    Reiki, 60 minutes: 

    Healing Immersion, 60 min Yoga & 30 min Reiki: 

    Coaching, 60 minutes: 

You can reserve a session for yourself, a loved one, or donate a coaching session to a person in need.
Throughout the year, I set 10% of my revenue aside to have funds available for those who struggle with severe depression, grief, suicidal thoughts, and trauma but don't have the money to pay for private coaching. Join me in sharing support by sponsoring a coaching session for someone in need!

Private yoga, Reiki, and coaching sessions available upon appointment.

Do you feel like you need a reset button for your metabolism, energy levels, mood balance, sleep, blood sugar, sex drive, or all of the above? Join me at the beginning of the new year to commit to detox, refreshing what you do already know but for whatever reason just still don't implement in your life, be in health-conscious company to stay on track and get to know your own body a little bit better.
Learn more here:
Two-hour-workshop at Synergy Yoga & Pilates, February 1, 2020, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, $20/person.
Understand how chakras are our energy generators, sensors, transformers between the material and subtle realms, and how you can befriend them to heal and realign your energy-body.
Call (251) 473-1104 to register or pay at the door.